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Yamaha Violin

Are you planning to buy a Yamaha violin? Learn more about it.

Yamaha Violin – What You Need to Know

In general, the Yamaha violin is an excellent stringed instrument in comparison to other brands in the market. However, just like any other instrument in the market, it has its own pros and cons. Therefore, if you are surfing for information in regards to a Yamaha violin, you will find the details provided herein quite helpful.

Discussed herein, are the pros and cons of Yamaha violins:


The following are some of the pros of Yamaha violins:

  • The bridge has been built well, but it can still be enhanced.
  • The violin’s case is quite luxurious and includes an attractive zipper. Nonetheless, it’s a little bit bulky to carry around. If you are buying the Yamaha violin for a child, consider buying a lighter case.
  • It has adequate space in-between the bridge holes as well as the top of the bridge.
  • The rear of the violin is manufactured from two pieces, giving it a beautiful look.
  • The sound generated by the violin is clear and powerful. One does not have to struggle to produce a mellow sound which a large audience can listen to.
  • The violin’s heel is manufactured from ebony wood making it quite durable.
  • The workmanship on the violin’s bow is on point. It’s precise and accurate, making it excellent for beginners.


The following are some of the not so good points of Yamaha violins:

  • The violin has a sharp fingerboard which makes it less durable. After a couple of plays, the fingerboard begins to show indications of wearing out.
  • The violin has a painted neck. For aesthetic purposes, this is not good as it begin to display marks plus indications of wear and tear.
  • The violin’s tail piece is pretty substandard for a somewhat costly violin. Its metallic adjusters are manufactured from substandard materials as they tend to become stiff after sometime. If you are buying the violin for children, then they will find it hard to fine tune the violin after a couple of plays.

If you are looking for affordability and variety whilst shopping for a Yamaha violin, it’s highly recommended that you make your purchase from the internet. There are several violin dealers online that will readily sell for you good Yamaha violins at discounted prices. However, you need to exercise caution when shopping online as you do not have the laxity of physically seeing and trying out what you are buying.

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